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10 Tips on Decorating a Rental

10 Tips on Decorating a Rental

Renting is becoming an increasingly common living situation for today’s generation, especially for young
people and those that live in urban centers. Skyrocketing home prices, the ability to test out a new
neighborhood, and pack up at a moment’s notice are some of the benefits of rental properties.
For example, an apartment for rent in puchong will definitely be the short-term and more cost-effective option
compared to buying a home in the same location.

Rentals, however, lack the warm, lived-in vibe of a permanent home.
We all know of the limitations of a typical rental contract and the frustrations that ensue when you can’t put
your own stamp on your own space. In some ways, a rented home is an ultimate challenge in any decorating
endeavor. How can a home be personalized and decorated to suit your life when it’s only a temporary
living solution?

Luckily, all it takes is a few clever styling ideas to make your house feel more like a home.
Read on for some big-impact, low-commitment decorating tips that proves that living well is
not just for homeowners.


1. Play up good bones

The first thing you should consider in any rental decorating endeavor is the character of your rented space.
Look at the bare bones of your space and determine the best assets to highlight. For example,
if your apartment has beautiful molding and wainscoting, paint these architectural details a glossy white
to highlight them. You can paint the walls a contrasting color to act as a modern counterpoint.
White-on-white, on the other hand, a beautiful method of making architectural details such as cornices
and paneling really pop.

2. Double up with drapes

If your rental comes with awful window treatments, invest in some of your own!
Replace those standard plastic or metal blinds with nice floor length drapes. You can even leave the blinds
for privacy, and use the curtain treatments to disguise what is there.

3. Upgrade the fixtures

Not happy with the standard fixtures in your space that might have seen better days? You can always
upgrade them with choices of your own! The possibilities are endless, like changing the handles of
your cabinets or switching out the kitchen faucet. You can even tie everything in by selecting them
all in the same finish. Just remember to keep the originals so that you can replace them and take
yours with you when you move out.

4. Utilize accent paint

The terms in your tenancy contract stipulate that you have to leave everything back to its original condition?
No worries. Instead of painting the entire room, just paint one wall as an accent wall to make a huge style
statement. Think about bold colors like burgundy or even Tiffany blue. That makes it easier to paint them
back to their original colors, as there’s only one wall to deal with.

5. Hang curtains to spruce up walls

If you have a vast expanse of empty wall, why not create a curtain wall to enhance your space? If you can’t
paint your walls, hang some fabric treatments on your walls! It’s also a great alternative to a gallery wall and
hanging up artwork (if your tenancy contract does now allow nails to the walls).  

6. Create the illusion of space

No matter if you live in an apartment the size of a place, or the world’s smallest shoebox of a studio,
you still have a smoke-and-mirrors trick up your sleeve: mirrors. Consider playing around with mirrors large
and small to find out what fits into your space. A nice ornate one above a mantle can act as a nice focal point,
while an oversize one that reflects light around your space can easily trick your eye and mind into thinking
your apartment is the size of Versailles.

7. Use removeable wallpaper

If you are forbidden from repainting your rented home, you can think about other temporary fixes.
Wallpaper is coming back into trend and it isn’t dying down anytime soon. You can get in on the interior
design zeitgeist with some ideas of your own (well, of ours actually). Stick to wallpaper than can easily be
removed when you have to move out. You don’t even have to cover up the entire room. An accent wall in a
beautiful complementary print can be a good focal point as well.

8. Bold color palettes and personality is fair game

Even if your rented apartment has crappy cabinets, or worse, no interesting elements at all, it doesn’t mean
you have to just give up on decorating your space. Add a variety of vibrant colors through colorful artwork,
pictures, or even potted plants. However, take care not to go too overboard with the colors. A jumble of
mismatched colors will end up looking messy and garish. Instead, the key idea is to find pieces that coordinate
well with each other and feel cohesive.

9. Layer as if there’s no tomorrow

Nothing screams more “rented apartment” than a space that is stark and bare. It is a dead giveaway when
your place looks like you’ve just moved in, even though you might have been calling the place home for a long
time. Add some depth to your space by layering pieces upon pieces. For example, add more pictures on the
wall, or layer a few extra throws around the sofa, or even have items stacked high in cabinets. When you
stage your space the right way, you can pull off a lived-in and charming vibe rather than cluttered and chaotic.

10. Decorate with flexible items

Although it might be tempting to decorate with your current home’s architecture and space in mind,
the truth of the matter is, that piece might not be as perfect in your next apartment. Consider buying pieces
that are more flexible and neutral in nature. Look for things that can easily fit the style and design of any
apartment. Also, it’s great to invest in smaller pieces, like a great duvet or a nice rug, that can add detail and
interest to even the dankest of rooms.

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