PHP and Python combination can do a lot, even though php is a light typed language with lot of flexibility, there were organisations like OWASP and other who offer security guidelines, and likewise, there were many performance optimisations which can be implemented for php or mysql combination) which really work like a charm.

Power of PHP is already exhibited by many implementations like Wikipedia, Wikimedia, facebook, and many other world popular websites which all use PHP as their choice.

I equally support Python (as it can be really cool framework on other hand which is finding importance mainly in recent innovative initiations from Google and some oil and other kind of industry specific software implementations.

Coding in php in standards (according to strict coding guidelines with security & performance in mind), it can be no lesser than any other and used in combination with Python, it comes as one of the best pair through.

MySQL will be great to back both PHP & Python, and after recent acquisition by SUN MicroSystems. I think, they will take it well in par with the commercial databases in promotion and utilisation as well (as already it is choice and highly used by most of php applications in the world, almost, highly used database software in number of implementations), even though this is not some statistical presentation.

PHP Support is justified, no hatred to others of course, we welcome support to all true and powerful languages on other hand.

**Lets learn it more. Good Luck =)

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